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Podgorica, Montenegro
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DVARP is young architectural practice founded by Dijana Vucinic. It is focused on research and analysis in architecture, urban design, sociology, environment protection and built heritage and tradition. They create architecture suited for people, in dialog with the environment and based on the contemporary concept of interactive city ambience. In her work she introduce structures and spaces that reveal complex process of final answer and critical thinking.

Apart from practice DVARP has founded Kotor APSS - Architectural Prison Summer School in Kotor, Montenegro. Kotor APSS has been investigating mechanisms that could redefine relationship between architecture and the city in Montenegrin coastal cities, and improve urban background by rethinking approach on urban planning and design. As such, intention is to use APSS as a platform for further research and development of urban structure in these cities.

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Podgorica, Montenegro
bostjan, August 23rd, 2018
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