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1986 – 1988


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Bulevardi Bajram Curi

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The Tirana Pyramid Change this

Tirana, Albania
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The pyramid was constructed in Tirana, after the death of communist leader Enver Hoxha. It was originally built as a museum for Hoxha and designed in 1988 by his daughter Pranvera Hoxha, his son-in-law Klement Kolaneci, Pirro Vaso and Vladimir Bregu. The function of this building should be a museum about the legacy of the Chairman of the communist party named “Enver Hoxha” museum. The building is raised on platforms and stairs which create a square that looks like a pedestal holding the Pyramid.

After 1990

Along the square vegetation and trees made this area a pleasant space for people to use it as a public space. After the fall of the communist regime the meaning of the pyramid as a museum was lost and during and the building changes function lots of time and also many competitions are done on it. In ‘90s it became the National Cultural Center, while the square in front of it started to be perceived as a public space used by the citizens of Tirana and also became one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Its pyramidal shape creates the possibility to walk on its walls, and so has been done over the years with people of different ages climbing to the top and sliding on the marble tiles. The main function of the building after the communist period has been exhibition and fair center, while the square has often been occupied by private investors of short periods of time with different activities. In 1999 the museum was used as a base by Nato and humanitarian organizations.

Renovation ideas after 2000

In the beginning of the years 2000 inside of the Pyramid were located also a cafe and the studios of a local TV station. An international competition was made in 2007 to transform it into a drama theatre and center of visual arts. None of the proposals was built and in 2010 another competition was declared, but this time proposing the demolition of the Pyramid and the creation of the new parliament of Tirana in that space.

The situation is still the same in present, the building and the square has no maintenance, no function or change has been implemented and is used only as a transit space for people only to pass through.



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