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Gherardo Bosio

Tirana, Albania
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Gherardo Bosio (Florence, 19 March 1903 - Florence, 16 April 1941) was an Italian architect, engineer and urbanist, famed for his work in planning the centre of Tirana, the capital of Albania. He graduated Engineering in Rome (1926) and later in 1931 from the University of Florence, School of Architecture. After the conquest of Italian East Africa in 1936, Bosio was dispatched by the Italian authorities to Ethiopia, where he prepared the masterplans for the Ethiopian cities of Gondar and Dessie. He worked on projects for the Masterplan of Gondar, Italian East Africa (1936), Masterplan of Dessie, Italian East Africa (1936), the Masterplan of Tirana, Albania (1939). His most notable architectures and urban plans in Tirana are Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard (1939-41), Hotel Dajti (1939-41), Casa del Fascio (1939-41), Office of the Prime Minister (1939-41) and Presidential Palace (1939-41).

Tirana, Albania