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Stone, Renovation

Project timeline

2003 – 2005


Private House

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Batterie 1322

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House in Chamoson Change this

Chamoson, Switzerland
by Savioz Fabrizzi Architects Change this
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Located at the foot of an impressive cliff, the construction of this building, started in 1814 as a rural dwelling, was carried out in stages. It comprises three juxtaposed structures on different levels. A small street runs through the ground floor, the remains of an easement of passage. The impressive proximity of the boulders together with the stone building give the premises a very strong “mineral” character. The project once completed aims at keeping and reinforcing this special feature.

The external volume measurement has not been altered. The stone façades were retained as well as the openings of the old windows while some large windows were added in order to frame the surrounding landscape.

To fit in with the exterior, the very natural state of the interior is made of mineral materials, i.e.: natural stone, visible concrete, smooth cement coating. The interior of the façades has been lined with insulating concrete (expanded glass). This lining makes up the new support structure, strengthening the old stone walls and providing thermal insulation. Thanks to its good thermal insulation, controlled ventilation and renewable energy generation – 23m2 solar collector on the roof – this conversion complies with the “minergy” label.


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