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2015 – 2016


Private House

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12100 Cuneo

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Architect - Badoero Francesco
Architect - Garis Valentina
Costa Stefano William

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Cuneo, Italy
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Climbing and swim at home. An alternative possibility.

Circle is the design name of a small apartment in Cuneo.
The design idea comes from the merging of two important elements: the physical space characterizing an attic ceilings and the passion of the two buyers for climbing and swimming.
Drawing the interior space enclosure and its divisions among the locals were the philosophy that led the design project.
Fun and creativity define an elegant space, but at the same time an intriguing space that can offer a sense of curiosity and continuous search for new insights and views.
The walls and sloping ceilings have been enhanced by transforming them into a sort of "simulation of climbing walls", while the circular glazing in satin and transparent glass, represents the sea water bubbles and they have the important function of lightening the wooden panels.
In the living area, the satinized crystals in the panels have the function of transforming the walls into real multicolored lamps, able to attract the attention of the present, while the living - kitchen partition involves the use of a transparent crystal.
In this way, cooking and living spaces once "closed", remain in communication with each other and at the same time the movements of those in the rooms are perceived through the holes as if they were small fish in an aquarium.


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