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The experimental house by Giuseppe Perugini, Raynaldo Perugini and Uga De Plaisant was built in Fregene in the late 60s. It is an experimental project both in the form and in the use of materials, which refer to the brutalist architecture characterized by the use of raw concrete on the facade. The building seems almost suspended between the tall trees that surround it, evoking at the same time the archetype of the "nest" as a safe place to hide, study, regain strength. The construction, in strong contrast with the surrounding traditional houses, is striking for its unique exterior appearance, with the weaving of the exposed beams and pillars supporting the prefabricated volumes, the non-regular plant, as well as the concrete lot enclosure with englobed red-colored steel strips that reflect the curved shape of the enclosure.

For the construction are used only few materials: reinforced concrete, glass and steel. Perugini therefore rejects traditional building materials and chooses reinforced concrete, which fully performs the function of supporting volumes that enclose the various rooms of the house. The functions of the house are enclosed in the "shells" in concrete that are located at different heights and provide steps to overcome the slight differences in height. Even the interiors of the house do not conceal the spatial complexity that can be perceived from the outside, with the double-height open-space saloon and the articulation of the fixtures that accentuate their elaborate appearance from the inside. Another spiral staircase, anchored to the pillars, this time leads to the roof and starts from the raised level of the lodgings. Some rooms are distributed in the park surrounding the house, such as the meditation room, characterized by a concrete sphere, or the pool located under the house. In this work there is the will to create a contrast between the structure, with its pillars that rise towards the sky expressing the desire for freedom, the hanging shells that accentuate the idea of lightness of the composition and the raw material, concrete, which alludes to heaviness.

The house aims to represent a synthesis of all the design intentions of the Perugini family. As the son of Giuseppe, Raynaldo recalls: "Being all three architects (also the mother Uga de Plaisant) was a bit like the family toy, at the moment of realization each of us proposed solutions and discussions were born ... it was a sort of great workshop ... imagine a full-scale model! This was Fregene's house, a real model in which everyone put his own. A sort of global shop in which we all worked and for every problem there were an infinite number of possible solutions. In fact, the attention to detail and the development of all the solutions that led to the house as it is today have been addressed in the implementation. The particular constructive feature makes it a great game of constructions ... "

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lchiselef, March 4th, 2018
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