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Metronio Market

Rome, Italy
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The Metronio market experiments original and unpublished solutions, highlighting in a few moments the correspondence between structure and architecture. The building has a pseudo-trapezoidal shape with a helical ramp located at the south. It remains in such way completely open and become a real extension of the roadway as well as a symbol of the building. The ground floor is largely occupied by the market room of 190 stands and four main entrances, one on each front. On the side of Via Magna Grecia there are 10 shops. The mezzanine floor, which overlooks the double height, is passable through a walkway.

The accessory garage occupies part of the basement, the two floors above the market and the rooftop (although originally the project did not foresee that the roof will be drivable). The upper garage floors can be reached via the concentric double helix ramp, which allows the incoming and the outgoing flow never to cross; they are usable thanks to an annular path around the central void that corresponds to the large skylight on the market.

Facades of the upper floors are treated with a simple plaster, while the base has travertine coating. All the openings of the upper floors are vertically aligned with the exception of a horizontal band of openings that give light to the different rooms on the mezzanine floor. The market has a reinforced concrete structure, exhibited in the intrados of the floors and in exposed pilasters.

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bostjan, March 4th, 2018
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