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Site Specific Installation, Experimental, Site-Specific Architecture


2004, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Rimska ulica 22
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Change this

"What inspires me more than buildings is the space between them."

Prostorož Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
est. 2004, Ljubljana
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About Change this

The mission of prostoRož is to improve public urban space. The team explores public spaces in cities and their meaning for local residents and the society at large. They pay attention to overlooked public spaces and organize, rearrange and revitalize them according to the needs of residents and visitors. ProstoRož was formed in 2004 as a long-term cultivation of public spaces and a developing method of revitalizing abandoned spaces in cities with the help of local actors. The main founders are Maša Cvetko, Ana Grk and Alenka Korenjak.

New possibilities for the use of city space helps the team to educate and encourage local residents to actively participate in planning urban public spaces. Minimal means and small interventions are enough to present the city’s residents and visitors with pleasant spaces for leisure, play or work in the open air. With more than 60 exhibitions, actions, events, interventions, workshops and long-term revitalizations in Ljubljana and other cities in Slovenia and abroad they collaborated with various municipalities, cultural and educational institutions, and non-profit organizations from European Union and the Balkans.

Members: Maša Cvetko, Ana Grk and Alenka Korenjak, Zala Velkavrh, Nina Savič, Jošt Derlink



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