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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Elastik is an international brand for networking and designing architecture, urbanism and media with other disciplines. We strive for performative and aesthetic improvement of buildings, for connectivity between functionality and technique.

Elastik is an architectural studio organized as an international network of individuals who come forward to form project groups according to the specific requirements of a given project or of the client in question; hence, the name Elastik. In this context, Elastik works independently of various geographic and political borders, and as an adaptable meshwork.

The studio was founded in 2004 by Igor Kebel and Mika Cimolini. With the largest proportion of project located in the Netherlands and in Slovenia, Elastik also maintains its international presence. A build-up of the international network of collaborators is embedded into the organisational scheme and the working method of Elastik. International projects can only be realized through the affiliated network of collaborators who share the same ambition, production and disciplinary motivation. These alliances do not include only architectural firms, but also marketing experts, engineering specialists, interface designers, visual gurus, and material advisors, which are joining the project think-thank at the earliest possible stage of the project.

Elastik's goal is to practice architecture closer to the notion of an industrial product that depends on a particular cultural "conditions of existence" and to develop tailor made concepts that arise out of everyday life as well as take into account the users of the spaces themselves and their own wishes. We are convinced that architecture shall become more successful in addressing everyday desires and producing meaning for the people that use it. This meaning is produced through interactive relationship of products hard and soft values, hard being their material values, programs, functions and techniques and soft being the psychological values, movement in time, social clustering and management of programs.Therefore, Elastik is orientated towards developing customized spaces for everyday use that are comprised of the material and non-material components of inclusiveness in which users and their wishes play an important role. We have developed a design method called critical geometry in which the postulates of economy, programmes with different daily routines of the various users and the material demands of the project, all bargain with each other on an equal basis. The desires of the users and the geometry are composed into a spatial composition. Even when dealing with immeasurable, intimate, and individual values, we maintain to think relationally and integratively. In an indivisible process of translation and adaptation, the intimate world of users and their habits are transformed into parameters and geometries, before becoming architecturally specific.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
bostjan, July 17th, 2017
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