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Do You Speak Architecture?

Do You Speak Architecture?

We are surrounded by architecture – constantly. How can we extend the conversation? The way we communicate is changing. Which role can we play?

‘Stories in Architecture’ is a free two and a half hour virtual event which explores ways to break down the barriers of formal architecture communication. The event is hosted by Kvadrato, a group of architecture editors who came together expressly for this purpose.

In partnership with Architectuul., Domus and Volume. To register and for more information, please go to

Kvadrato means place (or square) in esperanto but is also a group of architecture editors from different publications who came together to explore ways to break down the barriers of formal architecture communication. 

Kvadrato was founded by Christian Burkhard, editor-in-chief at Architectuul., Giulia Ricci, editor at Domus, Boštjan Bugarič, senior editor at Architectuul., and Francesco Degl’Innocenti, editor at Volume. The first event is in collaboration with Christina Serifi of Tirilab, and Alkistis Thomidou & Berta Gutiérrez of Forty-five degrees.