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Vincas Kudirka Primary School

Kaunas, Lithuania
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v kudirkos gimnazijos ikonele

The building of the 8-class primary school on Traku street is one of the first buildings of this function, which was built in Kaunas in the Interwar period. The building was designed in 1925 by civil engineer Feliksas Vizbaras. According to the original concept, it was designed with an elongated rectangular plan two-story building with eight classrooms inside. However, due to the lack of funds, at that time it was decided to build only half of the building with four classrooms inside. In 1929, it was finally decided to complete the construction of the rest of the building. Also, it was decided to build a three-story extension with a spacious hall on top of the building. The design of the extension was prepared by civil engineer Antanas Jokimas. The construction of the rest of the building and its extension was completed in the fall of 1929. The building then was named after Vincas Kudirka - the author of the Lithuanian national anthem.

The architecture of the building is in the historicist style and has a very decorative exterior. Exterior features a vertical articulation given by the rhythm of narrow vertical window openings and pilasters between them. The symmetrical composition of the facade is emphasized by the central Avant-corps, which is decorated with arched niches, pilasters, and decorative vases. The upper part of the building is emphasized by a complex-shaped pediment. The function of the building has not changed since its construction. During the Soviet era, extensions were added to the building. A few years ago, the building was renovated, preserving the splendor and originality of the exterior.

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