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Villa of Tūbeliai Family

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The villa of Prime Minister Juozas Tubelis is found in one of the prettiest Kaunas spots at that time, on the uppermost terrace of the Zaliakalnis hillside near Kaukas Lane. In the late period of his work, the architect Feliksas Vizbaras created a modernist villa with very expressive abstract forms. In the Lithuanian context, it is one of the most modern objects of this functional type. Asymmetry, lucid in form, dark cornices emphasizing abstract geometry and window frames illustrate the easily recognizable architectural aesthetics of that time. Its connection with its surroundings is strengthened by the open terraces, stairs, and tiny walls for support. The main rooms separated only by sliding partitions were intended for receptions, frequently organized by the prime minister`s wife, the well-known social activist Jadvyga Tubeliene. In 1946, the private residency was converted into an art school (currently the Kaunas Art Gymnasium).

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