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Tres Carabelas Hotel

Torremolinos Malaga, Spain
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The first phase of this project was a block set almost perpendicular to the road, with 194 double bedrooms and six rooms with a sitting room, all with separate bathrooms, private balconies and sea or mountain views. In 1975 it was enlarged with 100 additional rooms and 49 apartments. The rooms shaped a block set parallel to the road, seeking views of the garden and a southeast orientation, with large private balconies. The entrance was through the second floor, where reception, various halls and shops were located. In the helicoidal reception stairwell, an extremely interesting sculptural composition by Pablo Serrano was installed on site, produced from metal leftovers from the construction, and later demolished.

The service zone, its facade protected by prefabricated hexagonal pieces is entered from a side street at a different level from the main entrance. For the first time in a Spanish hotel, a technical floor was installed underneath the block of guest rooms, while the services were centralized on the standard floors.

The garden design, awarded prizes for The best on the Costa del Sol, sought abundant frondage with a profusion of species and fountains. The swimming pools were designed with the novel solution of sheets of water at the same height as the perimeter paving.

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bostjan, January 25th, 2019
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