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Hotel Korali

Sutomore, Montenegro
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Hotel consists of three separate objects, each of them containing 200 beds. Rooms vary in size, but each of them has a view of the sea and a spacious terrace. Central restaurant has the capacity of 600 guests, while each of the three objects has its own salon. Hotel was equipped with a bar, a night club, tourist office and an array of accompanying facilities. In 1968, the architect Milan Popovic won Republic Architectural Award "Borba" for this hotel complex. The jury explained their decision thusly:

"The project adopted the principle of developing the building right on the seacoast, in order to preserve continuity of the landscape. The jury supports this decision, as it valorizes the landscape with a skillful arrangement of the masses. By repeating the elements, the architect creates an impressive urban and artistic piece, which contrasts the landscape with its monochrome. In choosing this object, the jury had in mind that its functional and design solutions are contemporary and that, in its totality, the complex represents a remarkable contribution to the architectural creation in Montenegro."

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sonjadragovic, January 29th, 2020
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