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Smile Pool

Porto Cristo, Spain
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Spanish firm A2arquitectos has created a new area, an extension of recreational activities and an entertainment for our young guests from the hotel Castell dels Hams.

The vision of this new focus, a big "smile", focuses his perception from differents viewpoints and different scales, either at the level of the foot, from the terraces of the hotel or including the aerial and satellite view of Google Maps.

They opted for a concentric circular organization of the elements , where the center of the whole is the children's pool. This yellow circle has 12 meters of diameter, it differs from the others existings swimming pools in form and color. Orbiting around it , they are differents areas with water games for children, showers, solarium ...Using a colorful live in this system, unlike the rest of the hotel, they give it a natural place outside the existing original forms.

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a2arquitectos, October 28th, 2014
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