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Renovation of teh hotel stopped due to financial problems of investor

The proposal of architects was to set along the entire length of the harbor's western pier a long slab, which would contain individual atria bordered on one side by a shell and on the other by a high-rise cube. The proposal was reminiscent of the structure of the Hotel Hilton International in Teheran by Heydar Ghiaa Chamlou. It was a choice number one of international celebrities as Sophia Loren, Orson Welles, Albert of Monaco.

From 1991-92 Hotel Marjan served as emergency accommodation for war refugees although rooms in the cube remained vacant since the war. In 2005 the Croatian Privatization Fund (CPF) put up for sale 88 % of Adriatic d.d. Split. Since the conversion and expansion of the Hotel Marjan is in hands of Zeljko Kerum, owner of supermarket chain. He commissioned Jerko Rosin for the renovation of the building. In 2009 Kerum announced that the hotel was to be leased for twenty two years to the HIlton Hotel Group. The investor had run into severe financial problems.

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bostjan, February 26th, 2017
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