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Trakų G. 23

Traku g. 23-FOMA-small-1.jpeg
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Huriye Armağan Doğan

The building on plot 23 at Traku street was built in 1934. The structure is a relatively small building which has two storeys and a small attic floor. Unfortunately, except for the built date, there is not any other information regarding this building. The main entrance is at the right axis of the building, which is part of a composition with windows on top. Furthermore, there are two vertical stripes next to the door, which surround the windows like a frame. On top of the frame is a keystone, with a horizontal moulding under, that continues all facade long. The corner of the building is rounded, with three horizontal stripes between the ground and the first floor. On the plot of the building, there is a small pathway going to the backyard where there are garages, and the storages of the buildings are located. The roof is hidden behind a small parapet, creating the impression of a flat roof.


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