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The Urban Yoga Platform

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The Urban Yoga New York

The Urban Yoga is an independent research platform exploring space through the body, focusing on our connection to space, which humans forge with the measure, movement, gesture, and rituals of our bodies. The Urban Yoga is using the contemplation of space through the human body in exploring architecture to once again pose the fundamental questions about the design and organization of space.

Anja Humljan has described her work over the past few years in her book The Urban Yoga, in which an impeccable photographic style portraying an exposition of the body in various urban and intimate situations elaborates upon her thesis of architecture as the discipline that dictates the everyday interactions between people and spaces. It seeks a new, engaged role for architecture as a pragmatic, intellectual discipline, whose primary function is not just to provide shape, but to interpret the fundamental laws that govern dynamic reality. The Urban Yoga governs a broad and deep understanding that the complexity of current issues in architecture mandate an approach that transcends the theoretic and academic with a significant, tangible act within space, and that the solution to all architectural problems are not necessarily to be found in a new building.

The Urban Yoga platfrom so far consists of photos taken in metropolises such as New York, Madrid, Paris, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Copenhagen, The Urban Yoga book, video and of engaging methods for analyzing space: The Urban Scanners and video method P.l.e.s..

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bostjan, December 8th, 2016
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