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The House of P. and J. Maldeikiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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By L. Mykolaitis, 2018. Source:

On the street named after E. Frykas, a famous interwar Kaunas architect, there is a house on plot number 14. It was built on the eve of the Second World War, so its original design plans demonstrate a common attribute of public and private houses at that time - shelters from the city bombing. The construction date of the house is 1939, and the first owner of it was Petras Maldeikis, who was a renowned interwar Lithuanian educator. His wife, J. Maldeikiene, was also a gymnasium teacher. In 1944, the second-floor apartment of the house was occupied by the artist and stage designer L. Truikys and the opera soloist M. Rakauskaite, who lived there until their death. Since the artists lived here for a long time, and a memorial museum was established at their apartment in 1994, many people today identify this house with L. Truikys and M. Rakauskaite.

The entrance to the house is from the first floor since the structure is located on a plot which is on a slope. Therefore, while the building looks as if it only has one floor from the street facade, it has two floors and a basement in the backyard. There are three steps in front of the main entrance with a platform. The building has asymmetrical facades, and the windows of the house are closer to the corners rather than the middle section on all facades. On the first floor of the back facade, there is a balcony that extends to the side facade of the building.

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