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The House of Hungarian Music

Budapest, Hungary
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The House of Hungarian Music should aim to be a unique work of art, both its internal and external visual appearance reflecting the intention on the Institution. A metaphor for music and an organic quest for integration into the parkscape.The very shape of the building is a fluid mound of trees forming a hillock, inside which flows a musical space, inspired on the geometries of violins with curving walls melding spaces to provide a tranquil venue for all activities connected to sound and music with special regard for the new generations.The visitor is inside an instrument, the curves and atriums form bells, and the interior weaving terraces permit continuous circular patterns, echoed on the exterior with different level terraces all planted with the wood of the instrument, maple, spruce and ebony amongst other local park trees.The building becomes the park, a green accessible hillock with a magnificent "Mirador" on the top floor. The different terraces are connected by "gangway" type wooden bridges permitting the public to use the building as an integral part of the park, thus planting for more trees than those actually on the site today.

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vcolliga, July 15th, 2014
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