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György Kővári

Budapest, Hungary
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György Kővári (1934 – 1982) was a Hungarian architect, in 1964 he won the Hungarian YBL award.

After completing his studies at the Technical University Budapest in 1957, he worked for the Hungarian State Railway Company (MÁV) as a designer and then as head of department until his death.

Between 1963 and 1966 Kővári worked on the Lake Balaton development plan, he primarily designed transportation facilities. In the mid 1970s as chief architect within the METROBER he dealt with the establishment of the Budapest transport interchanges.He designed the new part of the Budapest Southern Railway Station in 1961-62, and the redevelopment of the South Station in 1969.

Between 1967 and 1972 he worked on the plans of the Balatonfüred Station, Budapest Keleti Underground accession between 1967-70 and completed the Kazincbarcika Station in 1960.

Kővári designed the Kőbánya-Kispest Underground Station, the Budapest Skála Metró Shopping Store. He made a concept plan for the Kelenföldi Station entrance building, designed several MÁV resorts and condominiums. He designed buildings for the Egyptian railways, and he made plans for a complex educational center in Nigeria. His concept plan for the reconstruction of the MÁV Hospital was accepted, but he unfortunately died during the preparation of construction drawings.

Budapest, Hungary
pilotis, November 29th, 2013