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House of Weddings

Pecs, Hungary
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The small houses of this area close to Szechenyi square fell victim to an ill-conceived city planning motion. The House of Weddings (Lakodalmas haz) is a practical extension to the neighbouring municipal marriage bureau and hall, with a restaurant, stores and a motel. It has been the first standalone building in Pecs designed by Sandor Devenyi who later became an important trend-setter in the town's architecture.

The building houses several functions on 1067 square meters. Devenyi's early buildings, this one in particular, were designed with the express objective to display the legacy of the historic site in the spirit of the loosely interpreted and acknowledged 'eclecticism'. The facade and interior of the Wedding house evoke the gates of the Romanesque era with its jamb figures, the compass-windows and retaining arches of the Gothic times, the alettes of the Renaissance, the Turkish vaults, the Baroque facade decorations, and the shapes and forms of the Art Nouveau. Despite the diverse materials used, all this becomes a heterogeneous, articulated organic unit.

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dkovacs, March 20th, 2019
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