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MAVIR Center

Budapest, Hungary
1 of 1Dániel Kovács

An important building of hi-tech architecture in Hungary. While the mass of the building adapts to the surrounding late medieval and baroque edifices of the Buda castle quarter, the façade materials are contemporary: raw concrete and glass curtain walls. The 2-story main façade is composed entirely of glass panels. The back of the building is more detailed, with a round telecommunications tower.

Originally called Magyar Állami Villamos Művek Irányító Központ or MAVIR, the building hosted the countrywide power distribution center of the state-owned Electrical Works. The building was renovated in 1995, but left empty in 2007. In 2016, the government announced its demolition and replacement with a suitable office building, but after a widespread public campaign the original aim was changed to reconstruction. As of March 2018, no reconstruction works started.