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The Administrative Building of the Former Company "Spaudos Fondas"

Kaunas, Lithuania
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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

During the Interwar period, not only educational or residential buildings were built on Vytautas Avenue, but also several administrative ones. One such is the administrative-production building of the company "Spaudos fondas", the construction of which began in 1938. "Spaudos fondas" was a cooperative company to produce scientific instruments, book publishing, printing, and trade, which operated in Kaunas in 1921-1940. The company's new building was designed by engineer-architect Vytautas Peldavicius.

The main building, which is located on Vytautas Avenue, is made of bricks, has three floors, a symmetrical, plastered facade, and an elongated rectangular plan. The appearance of the main building is rational and laconic, typical of the administrative buildings of that time. The first floor, which was intended for commercial purposes, is divided by wide showcase windows, which visually lighten the volume of the building. The rhythm of minimalist-looking vertical narrow windows and flat planes between them prevails on the second and third floors. The upper part of the building is emphasized by a wide cornice strip.

In addition to administrative premises, in the main building there was a printing press, a book bindery, rooms for lithography, zincography, paper goods workshops, and a bookstore. Two more two- and three-story brick buildings were built in the inner yard, where the production, storage facilities, and a spacious hall were located. The construction of all the buildings was completed in 1939 and cost about 700 thousand litas.

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