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Tetris Apartments

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The location of the site is on the edge of the planned 650 apartments which were finished a year earlier. However, these apartments differ from the previous as they were planned as social housing and were sold to the Slovenian Housing Fund. The given urban plot of the building was 4 floors high, 58 meters long and 15 in width.

Orientation and openings

Since the orientation of the building is towards the busy highway the apartment openings, together with balconies were shifted to become 30 degrees window-wings towards the quieter and southern orientated side. In the future 2 additional blocks are planned on both longitudinal sides; therefore there are no direct windows towards east and west. Each apartment has a view towards its own balcony, sometimes there is also a glazed loggia; it creates a feeling of intimacy. There will also be no direct views from ones apartment directly to the others in the opposite block.


The apartments are of different sizes - from 30m2 studio flats up to 3 room apartment of 70m2. Bigger apartments are developed on the front facades and have nicer views and a corner orientation.

Material and structure

They are made of economic but quality materials such as wooden oak floors, granite tiled bathrooms and have large windows with external metal blinds. The concept of the structure is made in such a way, that floor plans are flexible, since the only structural walls in the building are used to create the shell of each apartment. All other inner walls are non-structural. Long after the elevations were planned many people associated them to the game Tetris and so the building got its name. The facade was developed simply - just by tracing the floor plan organization.

The inner - structural facade wall has plaster; the external wall that embraces the loggia is glazed or wrapped into precast panel. These panels are wooden of three colors that are tracing the vertical zigzag pattern. Balcony fences are either a perforated precast panel or transparent metal fence. The cost per square meter had to be 650 EUR/m2 since the selling cost was 1300EUR/m2.

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