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Summer House of Businessman R. Polovinskas

Kulautuva, Lithuania
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L. Mykolaicio nuotrauka, 2018 m.

From 1934 to 1935, Kulautuva witnessed an influx of construction projects; many modern villas and summerhouses were being built by President A. Smetonos Avenue (currently Acacia Avenue) and nearby streets. Businessman Romanas Polovinskas - one of the most influential figures in this settlement in the business of tourism - had not one, but several such villas there. In 1934, with the help of architects and engineers, Romanas Polovinskas started building a cafe and hotel complex. He finished the construction of the cafe first, and a year later, the construction of the three-storey hotel started.

The building has a basement and two regular floors. Furthermore, it has an attic as well. In total, it had 18 rooms which were full of stylish furniture. The building had central heating, electricity, a hot and cold water supply, a well-functioning ventilation system, separate rooms for gambling and other group activities, bathrooms, a hairdressing salon and a barber's shop, a library and a reading room, several verandas in various sizes, courts for tennis and other games, a fountain, and more.

During the Soviet occupation, Polovinskai were dispossessed of their property and fled to the West. The complex was repurposed as a rest-house and tuberculosis sanatorium. Today, the building functions as the office of Kulautuva Eldership and the library.

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