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St. Paulus Church

Neuss, Germany
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With its folded roof construction the church St. Paulus in Neuss, Germany, almost resembles a prehistoric shellfish. The roof construction was designed by architect Fritz Schaller in cooperation with engineer Stefan Polonyi and probably is the most expressive one in the long career of the architect. In 1965, presumably without a formal competition, Fritz Schaller was assigned the task of designing a new church for the growing community of St. Paulus. Shortly after laying down the first sketches Schaller contacted Polonyi and after what the architect described as a "ping-pong game" they came up with the expressive roof construction made from folded concrete. The community officials seem to have been convinced quickly because construction activities started in 1966 and were completed in 1968.

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bibliophilo, December 27th, 2018
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