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Berlin, Germany
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This project was conceived by a developer who saw the potential of a river location for his business and a marina at one of the old river ports. The port has meanwhile been redeveloped and several yachts, houseboats and a floating hostel are moored there. A magnificent weeping willow directly on the edge of the embankment inspired him to build a treehouse.

The result is a rounded, metallic tree cabin direct on the bank of the Spree. The construction is anchored by a combination of supports and cables connected to the willow, thus spreading the load of the rear of the cabin and stabilizing the cabin's horizontal position. The outer shell of the cabin is clad with 3 mm stainless steel sheeting, which was cut using digital laser technology. The interior is furnished with a bedding area for 2-3 people, a sofa and a folding table or workspace. The white walls and ceiling and the high-gloss coated fitted furniture lends the cabin an atmosphere of light and elegance. The flooring and the furniture edging are finished with oak.

The large windows offer a splendid view of the water, the passing boats and the maritime activities in the small port facility.

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  1. Baumraum
gemazzz, June 12th, 2013
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