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Indoor Swimming Pool in Sevilla

Mairena Del Alcor (Sevilla), Spain
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The site, located in an area of extension of the municipality, is adjacent to the municipal park. It is its main quality, its condition of background space of the park, which gives the possibility of establishing a relationship between this one and the swimming pool. The sight of the park determines the location and orientation of the nave of pools - main space of the building- which appropriates, to some extent, the existing vegetation, to give the user the feeling of being immersed in it. In turn, the location of the lobby allows creating an input sequence to the facilities: the gentle ascent, parallel to the park, gives the user a first approximation or feeling of being in a place of rest and leisure.

The lobby extends towards the nave of pools on a glazed veranda with visibility over the bath area and the access to the stands zone. The glazing separates the widely disparate conditions of humidity and temperature of both spaces.

Volumetrically the rehabilitation room and lobby are of greater height while toilets and changing area has a tight height. These spaces are illuminated by a series of north facing rooflights. The natural lighting in the nave of pools comes mostly from the facade to the park, protecting the hollow from direct sunlight in summer with a lattice of vertical slats.

The rest of the hollows in the nave provide other visual tensions: one illuminates the exit from the changing rooms providing the sight of a small garden planted with lavender, and another one marks the back of the space in diagonal tension with the access from the lobby.

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0000fjrr, July 5th, 2014
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