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SM House

Canakkale, Turkey
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A single-storey building with a long principal facade, the SM House draws attention to itself among the narrow, two-storey village houses nearby. The facade is a response to the 52 m (171 ft) sloping site, and provides panoramic views over the landscape. The site forms three trapezium-shaped terraces between the road to the north and a steep slope to the south. The house is on the highest terrace, with a triangular grass garden and two garden terraces below. The house is a series of interconnected spaces between a fully glazed south facade and a stone-clad north wall. The surface of this wall wraps over the house to form a pitched roof. Inside, three bedrooms, a guest room and a living room - containing an open kitchen and leading onto a covered patio - offer a variety of access points. The stone-clad wall allows glimpses from the outside into the common areas, the glass partitions between the living room and terraces offer guests open circulation in common spaces and the opaque partitions between common areas and bedrooms provide privacy for the residents. The house was built from reinforced concrete with steel-framed stone cladding and glazed walls. Steel studs provide a rhythmic pattern on the facades, dividing the long volume into human-scaled parts. Chinks between the roughly spaced stones of the patio roof create a dynamic play of light on the white interior surfaces.

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bostjan, October 6th, 2014
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