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Sancaklar Mosque

Istambul, Turkey
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The building was designed as a response to the Sancaklar Family who wanted to build a mosque on a site overlooking the Buyukcekmece Lake, at a neighborhood of many gated communities. The project focused on the creation of religious space by creating emotional sensation with light an matter. The project site is located in a prairie landscape that is separated from the surrounding suburban gated communities by a busy street. The only visible elements of the mosque are the courtyard surrounded by horizontal walls and a vertical prismatic mass of stone (minaret), which depicts that this is a "place" and the inscription signifies that this is a place for praying. The cascades following the natural slope turns into steps as one moves through the landscape, down the hill and leads to the entrance at the lower courtyard. The tea house, communal space and the library just across the mosque enriches the gathering feature of this open space. The prayer hall reached directly, a simple cave like space, becomes a dramatic and awe inspiring place to pray and be alone with God.

First time in mosque architecture, women have the chance to pray just in the same row as the men, contrary to being at the back as in all others. They are placed at an elevated and separated part of the hall. The complex includes the ablution halls, restrooms and the imam's house from where he can reach the hall directly.

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bostjan, May 10th, 2016
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