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Šančiai Primary School

Kaunas, Lithuania
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T. Raginos nuotrauka, 2016 m. Saltinis: Kauno diena

The former primary school building located on Sandeliu Street is the largest object of such purpose that was built during the period of independence in Kaunas. The building was designed in 1938 by civil engineer Feliksas Bielinskis. The three-story building is made of brick with a plastered facade. The building has an asymmetric, irregular composition consisting of several elongated rectangular volumes. Inside, the rooms were functionally divided and connected by a wide corridor. The exterior of the building is simple and minimalistic. The undecorated facade walls are divided by rows of minimalist windows of different sizes and shapes. Inside the building there were 24 classrooms that could accommodate about 700 students, a reading room, a two-story hall and other facilities and amenities necessary for buildings of this purpose. The construction was completed in 1939 and cost about 1 million litas.

Although the building does not have an avant-garde appearance, it stands out from other buildings built in Kaunas at that time due to its size and reflects the aspirations of the time to build as modern buildings as possible for primary schools.

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