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Šančiai Fire Station

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Justinas Stonkus, 2020.Source: www.modernizmasateiciai.lt

During the interwar period in Kaunas, Sanciai micro-district kept suffering from fires as the area was full of wooden houses. After the largest fire outburst happened in Sanciai, in the brothers Vailokaiciai factory in 1931, a dedicated fire station in Sanciai was presented as immidiate solution for quicker emergency responses.

Sanciai fire station was a project of a famous Kaunas modernist architect - Stasys Kudokas. A three-story building, with four garages for firetrucks on the first floor, erupted in Rusu g. sometime around 1934. Slightly decorated buildings with cornices and arches at the entrance, the building sustained functionality and rationality - a very well-recognized style of the architect.

The fire station has been preserved and is functioning to this day.

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