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Sanatorium Dr. Petak

Frantiskovy Lazne, Czechia
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Designed by the Czech architectural studio A69, this private sanatorium for 42 guests is situated on the southern edge of the spa park, and integrates into itself all the essential components of spa operation: accommodation, meals, and balneotherapy. The tradition of the spa, its ease of manner and light elegance, is re-interpreted using exclusively modern means. The use of a steel frame allows the joining together of various forms of operation, lightening the spatial disposition, and at the same time opening the building as much as possible to the surrounding greenery. The water-curewing, at the centre of which lies a rehabilitative pool with sea-water, is traversed by the light and the space of the park and garden, through the sliding screens in pastel colors.

The conception of the house combines two contradictory methods of defining a territory. Through the extroverted ground floor, the exterior space flows among the fixed functional blocks; the interior is separated from the garden by only a glass wall. The concrete frame delineates the introverted floor of bedrooms and baths. Contact with the exterior world is filtered through an atrium; the view of the landscape is mediated through openings in the concrete walls. An intimate atmosphere is preserved even through maximizing the glazing in bedrooms and baths. Materials are chosen in their natural colours, while glass is tinted into subtle shades.

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mariathuroczy, April 24th, 2014
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