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Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Šančiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Nuotraukos autorius: Laima. Saltinis:

The Romanesque architecture of the church was interpreted in a modern way that was unusual in Lithuania and from some perspectives resembles a large industrial building more than a sacred sanctuary.

The volume of the church is massive, it has a rectangular layout and two low towers at the front. The church is built of reinforced concrete, the nave is covered by supporting arches and the caisson shell. The exterior is minimalistic and composed of regular geometric shapes: a square front door and narrow rectangular windows. The interior of the church is also famous for a fresco painted in a Byzantine manner depicting angels (by Liudas Truikys).

Not like other churches, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church was not closed in the soviet times; it remained open and served the Catholic community. Today, for its unique design and preservation, the church now has been awarded of European Heritage Label.

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