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Russian Gymnasium of the Kaunas Teachers Association "Mokslas-Šviesa"

Kaunas, Lithuania
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During the interwar period, several educational buildings were built in Kaunas for the ethnic minorities living in the city. One of these buildings started to be built in 1925 on Vytauto Avenue was intended for the private Russian gymnasium of the Kaunas Teachers Association "Mokslas-Sviesa". The building was designed by civil engineer Aleksandras Gordevicius.

The building is made of bricks, has two floors, an irregular, elongated plan. Inside there were 10 classrooms, a teacher's room, an office, a dining room, and a small museum. The building is distinguished not only by modern features: spacious elongated and well-lit corridors, large vertical windows, but also by elements imbued with the spirit of historicism with neo-Russian style ornaments. It is one of the most beautiful objects of Kaunas dedicated to educational function built during the first decade of independence. Particularly ornate is the corner part where the main entrance is. It contains an ornate portal, columns, pilasters, triangular pediments, and relief decorative details. This gave the small, but comfortable school building elegance and representativeness.

The final construction works of the building lasted until 1928. Later, several extensions were added to the building, which did not significantly change its appearance.

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