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Revelation Cathedral of St. Mary

Kaunas, Lithuania
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By Žilvinas Rikšelis, 2020.Source:

The primary project of a small Russian Orthodox Church built in 1858 had the status of a cathedral but could only fit up to 200 believers (although the city counted several thousand members of the Orthodox community). Over time, the church got less attractive for the mass and became a chapel for its small size. The parishioners lacked funds for the construction of the new church, so the state of Lithuania contributed to its construction.

The project for the new church was prepared by the architect A. Frykas and the building arose in 1935. From an architectural point of view, it was a unique attempt to interpret and modernise the church rather than to follow established standards for Orthodox churches. The church is also interesting because of its design with five domes. The new church could accommodate more than 600 people during religious ceremonies.

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