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Residential Building of Vilučiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This original-looking two-story with an attic building was designed in 1936 by civil engineer Kazimieras Sienkevicius. The composition of the building is asymmetrical. It is emphasized by the entrance in one of the corners of the building with a curved portal and a canopy above the door. There is also a typical element of that era - a staircase accented by vertical window openings. The middle part of the main facade is more moderate. It consists of rows of vertical windows connected by bold lines. Another corner section is accentuated by wide corner windows, which are also surrounded by bold lines. This part of the building is higher than the rest of the volume, so it resembles a turret. The building's expressiveness is also given by the color of the facade - light-colored walls and red-colored plinth, portal, horizontal strips of windows and cornice. It is an elegant and modern building that adds variety to this street.

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