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Health Insurance Fund Building

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Centro poliklinika

In the 1930s, several public and administrative buildings of original appearance were erected on A. Mickevičiaus street. One of them is the former Kaunas city Health Insurance Fund building, which was designed in 1933.

The plan of the three-story building is irregular, L-shaped. The architecture is minimalist, devoid of decorative elements, which makes it look quite modern. The exterior consists of a rhythmic composition of tall and narrow windows (characteristic elements of public buildings of Kaunas at that time), a mixture of volumes of unequal height and shapes. The asymmetric composition of the building is emphasized by the curved corner part with the main entrance. The bold canopy above the main entrance follows the rounding of the corner volume and enhances the dynamic appearance of the building.

In terms of functionality, the Health Insurance Fund building was a lot more modern than its exterior. In those days, Lithuanian Health Insurance Funds were not only social insurance institutions, but also the forerunners of today's polyclinics, where individuals, who had social insurance, could receive the necessary medical assistance. The premises of the building were functionally divided. On the first floor and on the third floor there were rooms exclusively for treatment - there was a tuberculosis dispensary with a separate entrance, a pharmacy, a laboratory, an X-ray room, a mother and child center, research laboratories, etc. On the second floor - most of the premises were intended for the institution's administration. Therefore, the administration work of the Health Insurance Fund and the treatment of patients could be carried out in this building. Also, medical rooms were equipped with modern ventilation systems, treatment instruments, furniture, and other facilities. The construction of this building was finished in 1934, its construction cost about 350 thousand litas. It was one of the most modern buildings of this function in Lithuania at that time. Later, before the First Soviet occupation of Lithuania in the summer of 1940, several smaller buildings with of the same function were built in other major Lithuanian cities (Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Marijampolė, Ukmergė, Telšiai and Tauragė).

The Health Insurance Fund building in Kaunas has retained an authentic appearance and currently houses a polyclinic.

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