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Residential Building of Teofilis Barisa

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Civil engineer Jokimas is better known for his design of several modernist-looking school buildings in the 1930s Kaunas. But the engineer also designed many residential buildings, one of which is this two-story house built in 1936. The architecture of the building is not sophisticated, reflecting the trends of modernism and rationality. Horizontality is emphasized on the outside - the plinth of the building is divided by narrow lines, and the walls of the upper floors are divided by several horizontal bands, between which there are small rectangular windows, and the top is finished by a wide cornice band. The part of the building located at the intersection of the streets is complemented by the curved corners of the plinth, the first-floor wall, and a small balcony. The entrance to the building is located on one of the sides, where there is a vertical staircase volume, divided in the center by vertical window openings. Inside the building there are two apartments with four rooms each. The building is known for the fact that in 1936-1938 its first floor was rented by the Swiss Consulate, where Consul Friedrich Kaestli worked. Meanwhile, Count Alvise Cippico, the adviser of the Italian embassy, stayed on the second floor.

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