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Residential Building of Taubė Elšteinienė

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Taubes Elsteinienes namo ikonele

This building belonged to Taubė Elšteinienė. It was designed in 1935 as a two-story house. But after a few months it was decided to build a three-story building. Two compact three-room apartments for rent were on the first and third floors, and a larger owner's apartment on the second floor. Therefore, probably, the later addition of the third floor was determined by the pursuit of profitability.

It is one of the most elegant and unique examples of Kaunas modernism. The building stands out significantly from the neighboring architectural context due to its avant-garde appearance. The ascetic, minimalist and light colored cube-shaped volume, the asymmetry of the facade, which is emphasized by the darker in color corner section divided by horizontal strips, gives the house a distinct modernist character. As soon as it was built in 1935, the building received recognition - it was awarded "for the most beautiful facade of a residential building" by the Kaunas City Council. This showed the great aesthetic sophistication of the society of that time.

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