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Residential Building of “Ragutis” Brewery

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The four-story residential building was designed in 1922 for the beer and soft drinks brewery "Ragutis". It was built in 1923 near the brewery. At that time, it was one of the first and earliest large-scale constructions in the city that became the temporary capital of Lithuania. The architecture of the building is unique and original. In the early 1920s, the architects of Lithuania sought not only to modernize, but at the same time to represent the national culture in the architecture. These efforts turned into an aspiration to create a unique national style in architecture. Its essence is not only the free interpretation of various folk-art trends, such as: wood carving forms, textile ornaments and other art elements, but also the revival of the professional baroque art trend, which was considered a style characteristic of Lithuanian national culture. This was sought in the design of this building. Its architecture stands out in the general context of the city, because it mixes not only baroque monumentality and elegance, but also national motifs complementing the exterior. There are braids of tulips, imitations of folk carvings on the facade, supporting window sills, and the symbolism of the "Ragutis" brewery decorating the wall planes. The main entrance of the building is supported by an elaborate baroque arch. Several five-room apartments and a company office were planned inside the building. During the Soviet era, when the building was adapted to a different function, the planning of the interior spaces was changed. Currently, this building with an original appearance, symbolizing the ideas of Lithuanian architecture of the early 1920s, is not in use.

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