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Residential Building of Prusai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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V. Putvinskio Street is a well-known place in Kaunas where several residential buildings with a modernist appearance were built in the 1930s. One of them is V. Putvinskio Street 15. This two-story building with a mansard was designed by architect Bronius Elsbergas, a well-known designer of public and residential buildings in the 1930s Kaunas. The architecture of this building is modern, the facade is asymmetrical. The central part is emphasized by rows of narrow vertical windows on the first and second floors. One of the corners has wide horizontal windows with narrow lines below them. Expressive and ornate is the other corner part of the facade, which houses the main entrance and staircase. This part is accentuated by four circular staircase windows with decorative lines. The entrance is highlighted by a small canopy and an authentic, original design door that has survived to this day. The side and back parts of the building are simpler in appearance, but the walls have circular and rectangular decorative niches. This diversifies the exterior of the building and gives it a bit of playfulness.

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