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Residential Building of Pranas and Paulina Raulinaičiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
V. Putvinskio g. 57-FOMA-3.jpeg
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Photograph by Evaldas Vilkončius, 2022

The modern-looking three-story building on the corner plot at the intersection of V. Putvinskio and Maironio streets was built in 1934 according to the project of architect Vytautas Landsbergis-Zemkalnis. The building was commissioned by the lawyer Pranas Raulinatis and his wife Paulina. It is known that several design projects of the building were prepared, of which the tallest and simplest looking was implemented. The plan of the building is rectangular, and the composition, as is typical of modernist buildings, is asymmetrical. Exterior features a horizontal articulation given by the wide window openings with narrow bands. The asymmetric composition of the facade in the Maironio street part is emphasized by the narrow vertical staircase window opening and the small corner entrance with a canopy. After the construction of the building, the owners lived in part of the premises, while the rest of it was rented. The original purpose of the building has not changed.

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