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Residential Building of Mina Kotkauskienė

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This original-looking three-story building was designed and built in 1930. As was common for some of the buildings built in the city center, the first floor was intended for commercial premises where shops operated. For functionality, the first floor was divided by wide display windows. The remaining two floors of the building were for residential purposes, there were four apartments. The facade of the building is symmetrical and has a minimalist appearance. It is characterized by an appearance close to cubist and expressionist architecture, which is not characteristic of the Lithuanian architecture of that time. The facade is geometrically enhanced with wavy broken walls of the second and third floors, parapet frieze and window openings. Balconies with metal railings protruding from recesses have a similar wavy shape. The building has retained a sufficiently authentic appearance and its function has not been changed.


Zukauskaite, Ugne. Verslininkes M. Kotkauskienes namas.

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