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Residential Building of Mauša and Natanas Feinbergai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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feinbergu namo istorine nuotrauka

The design of this building was made in 1929 according to the sketch of the architect Vladimiras Dubeneckis. Its construction was supervised by the engineer-technologist Leonas Ritas. It is an elongated three-story residential building. The architecture of the building is simple, without any prominent decorative elements. Therefore, it can be considered one of the early residential buildings with modernist or even Art Deco aesthetics on the outside in Kaunas. The main facade of the building is modern and simple: a recessed entrance emphasized by a bold portal, the first floor is carved with bands of different sizes, angular balconies in the corners emphasizes the asymmetrical composition. The upper part is marked by an attic with a jagged zigzag profile (characteristic of Art Deco aesthetics) and vertical lines between the third-floor windows. It is worth emphasizing that according to the original project, the building was shorter than it is now. Therefore, it is likely that the building was extended sometime after construction. There were several apartments in the building, some of which were rented.

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