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Residential Building of Juozas Žemgulys

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This building was commissioned by doctor and surgeon Juozas Zemgulys, who worked in Kaunas in 1919-1935. It was planned to build a two-story building and such a project was made in 1931. However, in the end, it was decided to build a bigger four-story building. It was built in 1932. The exterior of the building is modern, minimalistic, and simple - the main facade is divided by rows of wide horizontal windows and smooth wall planes. So, from other buildings of that era, this one stands out for its ascetic and very simple exterior. Such simple composition is complemented by the recessed part of one of the corners, due to which one of the edges of the building is rounded. This recessed part emphasizes the asymmetry of the main facade, which on the first floor contains the main entrance to the building and the entrance to the courtyard. Several rental apartments were inside the building, in one of which the owner lived. Although the appearance of the building has been changed slightly (for example, the original window frames have been replaced with white plastic ones), its original function remains the same.

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