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Residential Building of Julija and Stasys Matjošaičiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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L. Mykolaicio nuotrauka, 2018 m.

The three-story residential building of monumental volume was built not at the perimeter of K. Donelaicio street, but further away from it. Therefore, it is often overlooked when walking down this street. This residential building was designed in 1932 by civil engineer Aleksandras Gordevicius - the author of many original-looking buildings built in Kaunas in the 1920s and 1930s. The exterior of this building is minimalist and has no decor. The exterior is formed by a composition of windows of different sizes and shapes and smooth wall planes. To complement the simple appearance of the building, some of its corners and window openings are slightly rounded. The center of the main facade is emphasized by the vertical part of the staircase. The rear facade has minimalist balconies with metal railings. To visually mask the pitched roof, the upper part of the building is surrounded by a wide parapet. After the building was built, the first floor was occupied by the owners, and the apartments on the upper floors were rented. It is one of the lesser-known examples of 1930s Kaunas architecture.

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