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Residential Building of Jonas Garunkštis

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This two-story residential building, designed by civil engineer Teodoras Reingardas, was built in 1933. It is a modern and elegant looking building. Its composition is irregular, the facades are simple. It stands out from the surrounding buildings with its massive cylindrical corner volume. Perhaps to complement the appearance of this part of the building and to enhance its dynamic appearance, its exterior is divided into several narrow horizontal strips. The side parts of the building are calmer, but no less modern in appearance. The walls are divided by wide rectangular windows connected by narrow horizontal bands. The main entrance is highlighted by a small canopy and a vertical staircase window. These are typical architectural elements of that period. The facade of the courtyard is simpler - simple, unaccented windows and a small balcony prevail. It can be said that the building's architecture is quite modern and reflects the stylistic innovations of the time.

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