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Residential Building of J. Dereškevičius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This wooden two-story residential building with an attic was designed in 1928 by Ignas Gastila. The building was commissioned by teacher Jonas Dereskevicius. Inside the building there were four apartments, one of which was occupied by the owner. The exterior is clad with vertical and horizontal siding. The main facade is asymmetrical, with wide, modern-looking rectangular windows. The asymmetric composition is emphasized by the entrance located a little further from the central axis. The rather simple appearance of the building is complemented by a long corner balcony and a mansard gable above it. The roof is pitched and covered with tin. Although traditional materials were used in the construction of the building, the wide windows, asymmetrical composition, and corner balcony give a certain modern accent. The exterior and function of the building is unchanged.

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